Attention Welcome Back (with new modified hours) Attention

The Republic is a local Pub that you feel like you have been coming to for years. Our goal was to make a place that was warm and welcoming where you can get a delicious meal and a great pint of Guinness.

The menu started out as Irish influenced gastropub fair, and it has evolved to comfort food that is served with a certain amount of flare. We have become known for our Burgers and of course the different styles of Mac & Cheese. You can always check the chalkboard or ask what we might have for a special, we are always trying new things.

Every Tuesday from 8 to 10pm we have Stump Trivia, so come down for some Trivial Fun. Its free to enter and the first place team gets a prize (some of the best things we could find at the dollar store). Just a warning, some of the teams are kind of cutthroat, and their honor is at stake.

Thank you for taking the time and checking out our new and improved site. Please if you actually read this and you know someone that builds websites contact us. Along the same lines if you or someone you know is a licenced Plumber or Electrician or a Painter, it's always good to know people.

Crazy times we are in right now huh? Is anyone really reading any of this? How long am I going to leave this up before I realise that I added it? I did change the hours if you look. Like down there. (I'm pointing at my screen right now, not that anyone can see it) To be honest, I just like that fact that I can type something and then refresh the page and it appears. Little things in life am I right? Ok now I'm just rambeling and its late. Talk to you soon. Night.